There is no English version of this webpage since a major goal of the hyporheic network is to intensify discussion among water management authorities, water engineers and scientists involved in hyporheic zone research with a primary focus on German-speaking countries. To best facilitate this exchange without any linguistic barriers the primary language of the “Hyporheisches Netzwerk” is German. German-speaking experts from all over the world are invited to participate in the network. However scientific exchange with the international community and similar networks in other countries (e.g. www.hyporheic.net, UK) will be an important component. It is also envisioned that in the future the network will serve as a platform for international cooperation. The aim of the “Hyporheisches Netzwerk” is to facilitate the formation of research groups to identify and understand key processes and their interactions. To enable fast knowledge transfer between scientists and practitioners is another aim of the hyporheic network to shorten the time-lag between scientific findings and their implementation into management practice. Furthermore the network should provide a platform to communicate urgent problems in the management of hyporheic zone and direct science towards those. Although the web site is in German, you may be interested in looking at certain links and references. E. g. it is possible to download the poster presentation of the hyporheic network presented at the EGU in Vienna 2009.

Bettformen induzieren hyporheischen Austausch (Schlaube, D), Foto: L. Angermann, IGB

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